Acquisition information

  1. Non-citizen, citizen, company, société or trust wishing to acquire property under the scheme shall make an application to the Economic Development Board. The application must be submitted by a PDS Company online to EDB through the Property Acquisition and Management System (https://pams.edbmauritius.org/).
  2. Every application for the acquisition of property under the PDS together with such information, particulars and documents as specified in this guideline and a non-refundable processing fee of 20,000 rupees must be made through the PDS Company and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of the Economic Development Board.
  3. The non-refundable processing fee of 20,000 rupees must be paid through cheque by the PDS Company and drawn to the order of the Economic Development Board.
  4. An application shall be considered as ready for processing by the Economic Development Board at the date by which all the information, particulars and documents have been duly submitted and considered as complete by EDB.

Screening & submission of application

1 The PDS Company shall carry out due diligence exercise through a reputable bank for all applications received prior to submission of same to the Economic Development Board. The PDS Company’s bank shall carry a Property Development Scheme Guidelines Know Your Client (KYC) exercise and open a bank account for the client called the “Escrow Account”.

2 The PDS company may sign the “Contrat de réservation préliminaire a une vente en état future d’achèvement” for the plot. The contract should be prepared by a Notary public. The potential buyer shall deposit at most 25% of the amount of investment in the acquisition of the property in the bank.

3 The PDS Company shall submit the application to EDB for an authorisation through the online Property Acquisition and Management System, where the required application form must be filled, and the required documents must be uploaded.

4 The documents submitted in the application should include the signed “Contrat de réservation préliminaire a une vente en etat future d’achevement” (pre-sale agreement) between the PDS company and the potential buyer (applicant) and the corresponding documents for each type.

Acquisition of property

  1. On approval of an application, the EDB shall issue an authorization to the applicant with terms and conditions as may be required to allow for the acquisition of the residential property. The authorisation shall have a validity period of 6 months.
  2. The residential property is deemed to be acquired on its registration and payment of the fixed duty of 5% the value of property to the registrar general.
  3. The PDS Company must inform EDB by way of a letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer on registration of the immovable property and submit a certificate from the Notary to the effect that the deed drawn has been duly registered and transcribed.

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