Mauritian Residency Permit

Mauritius is renowned for its idyllic landscapes, white sandy beaches and beautiful lagoons. But the Island is not only ideal for a sunny holiday. It also has serious assets that make it a popular destination for investors.

The benefits of your Mauritian residency permit

Mauritius is among the top three countries worldwide, besides Estonia and Canada, with the purest quality of air. A welfare state which provides free education and protection for the elderly, greater inclusiveness and negative income tax. In this vein, the country aims to continue to provide safety and improved quality of life to all its citizens through free healthcare and education.

  1. Mauritius offers a quality lifestyle which combines comfort with luxury, modernity with cultural traditions and work with leisure.
  2. A wide range of modern facilities and amenities are available, comprising quality accommodation, educational facilities, healthcare and medical facilities, shopping centres, recreational and sporting facilities.

Nature, paradise

How to obtain your Mauritian residency permit

By choosing Mauritius for your property investment, you also benefit from an attractive tax system, tax rate is 15%. There is no double taxation with a plethora of different countries, no property or housing taxes. On the island, no taxes are paid on dividends and capital gains either.

In the event of resale of a property for example, this is a real advantage!Secondly, there is no inheritance tax.Finally, in the case of the acquisition of a PDS residence for a price of 500,000 USD or more, buyers benefit from a residence permit, also allocated to their dependents ( a partner and children under 24 years of age)

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